About the 707

With a length overall of 23’3″ or 7.07m (hence the name) and beam of 8’2″ or 2.53m, the 707 carries a fractional single spreader Z spars rig, and conventional spinnaker. The conventional spinnaker allows better tactical racing in tidal conditions. Best sailed with four or five crew, upwind speeds are typically 5.5 knots and regular downwind speeds exceeding 12 to 14 knots are sometimes surpassed by memorable sleigh rides clocking 16 knots plus. The 707 was designed in 1995 by David Thomas (renowned for famous designs such as the Sigmas, Impala and Sonata) and built by Hunter Boats.

LOA: 7.22m
LWL: 7.01m
Beam: 2.53m
Sail Area: 29.73m2
Draft: 1.51m
Displacement: 898kg
Ballast: 415kg
Sail Area/Displacement: 32.55
First Built: 1995
Built: 120