Boat Sharing

A significant proportion of 707’s are co-owned. This shares the cost, maintenance and administration workload, and reduces the number of crew you need to find. It also increases the chances that your boat gets out on the water every weekend possible.

If you are interested in buying a share but don’t already know potential co-owners, you should post a message on the Forum asking about this. This goes for selling your share of a boat too. If you are hesitant about posting the information on the website please contact the secretary who can either post a general news message on the site or forward your request to the relevant fleet representative(s).

Caveat emptor: We will put together buyers, sellers and co-owners of 707’s on the assumption all are acting in good faith. We know nothing about the physical condition of boats, who the actual current owner(s) are, or any outstanding loans or marine mortgages secured on the boat. Before purchasing a share, you should satisfy yourself on these points