The objectsives of the Association are to promote and further the interests of the 707 Class throughout the British Isles and to represent the interests of British owners of 707s as follows:

  1. to keep members informed of developments concerning the class and any proposals concerning class rules.
  2. to organise National Championships and to coordinate the programme for other races for the Class in the British Isles.
  3. to encourage National competition for the Class.
  4. to negotiate with the Royal Yachting Association on any matters relating to the Class Measurement Rules.
  5. to promulgate information on technical development within the 707 Class.
  6. to keep a Membership Register.

The 707 Class Association is driven by the members. That includes the sailing on the water, the governance required off the water and camaraderie both after sailing in the pub and the constant interactions online and elsewhere.

The Association relies on its members. To become a member of the association you have several options. A membership is required if you are an owner of a boat and wish to race.  Membership must be renewed annually.

Full membership is £30 and is open only to owners of 707 boats for which you get one full membership and a vote at the AGM. In the event of joint ownership, Full Membership is open to any one of the owners, such that each boat may have one vote. Associate membership is available to anybody. There must be a full membership taken out for any boat which competes at a class association event. 

If you have any questions about the membership, the benefits, the costs, the requirements or anything else, please contact the Secretary.

The Constitution

The current version (Aug 2021) of the 707 Class Constitution is available here.